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Former director of Venezuelan spy agency shot dead in Caracas


The former director of Venezuela’s primary intelligence agency has been found shot dead. Venezuelan officials said Eliézer Otaiza was shot dead sometime in the early hours of Saturday morning in Baruta, a suburb in the outskirts of capital Caracas. His bullet-ridden vehicle was later found abandoned in another part of the same barrio.

Venezuela’s Minister of the Interior, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, told reporters on Tuesday that Otaiza’s body was discovered on Saturday, but that it took nearly two days for him to be identified due to the absence of identification documents on the body. At the time of his assassination, Otaiza headed the Libertador Bolivarian Municipality in Caracas which numbers over two million residents. Earlier in his career, however, Otaiza led an elite unit of the personal guard corps of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The latter also appointed him director of the National Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP), later renamed Bolivarian Intelligence Service, which is today Venezuela’s foremost intelligence organization. Otaiza was known as a stalwart supporter of Venezuela’s populist president, even in the early 1990s, when Chavez was still in opposition. In February of 1992, when Chavez led a failed military coup aimed at ousting President Carlos Andres Perez, Otaiza had been unable to participate on account of his absence from Venezuela. But he played a leading role in another pro-Chavez military mutiny in November of that year, when he led a small military force attempting to storm the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas. He was shot several times in the chest but survived thanks to a bulletproof vest he was wearing. Venezuelan government media said Otaiza played “an important part in the events leading to the Bolivarian revolution”, and remained a strong supporter of Chavez throughout the president’s life.

Otaiza was last seen leaving a friend’s house in Caracas late on Friday night. Minister Torres, who also leads the Bolivarian Intelligence Service, said on Tuesday that Otaiza’s body was found bearing at least four bullet wounds. Police said no clear motive for his assassination has been established at this time. But they added that the circumstances around the killing had been deemed “suspicious” and announced that an official investigation into the case had been ordered by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.



Former Pilots Allege the CIA Had the Air Force Do Its Drone Dirty Work

CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide

Tragic turn of events. The article does not release names and assumes he did, in fact, jump. This man is stated to be in middle management, though he apparently did not jump from CIA headquarters in Virginia. It is possible that he did, however, jump from another CIA location. This is something worth following up on in the days to come.

CIA Official Dies in Apparent Suicide

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Secret services involvement in investigation sparks speculation over terrorism

MI6, the CIA, and Chinese intelligence are all revealed to be working together to “solve the mystery” of the missing plane.

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Secret services involvement in investigation sparks speculation over terrorism

Public feud between CIA, Senate panel follows years of tension over interrogation report

An excerpt:

What most people do not realize is that public feuds between Congress and the CIA are highly unusual. The shock of the CIA’s surveillance of Congress comes from the fact that the Eastern Establishment has used the CIA in its covert operations for decades. So when people like Dianne Feinstein come out swinging against the surveillance, it is because it’s like having your own dog betray you.

Sit, Ubu sit. Good dog!

Public feud between CIA, Senate panel follows years of tension over interrogation report

Facebook to create floating internet of drones and satellites (Wired UK)

Mark Zuckerberg is putting together a lab where a team of Facebook engineers will build flying drones, satellites, and infrared lasers capable of beaming internet connections to people down here on earth.

Revealed yesterday by the Facebook CEO and founder, it’s known as the Facebook Connectivity Lab. According to Zuckerberg, the lab’s engineering staff already spans “many of the world’s leading experts in aerospace and communications technology,” including researchers from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Nasa’s Ames Research Center, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory. And the company is now adding engineers from a British company called Ascenta, an outfit that helped create the world’s longest solar-powered unmanned aircraft.

All this may seem like a stretch for a social networking company. But it’s a necessary part of Zuckerberg’s efforts to bring the net to the vast parts of the world that still don’t have it — an effort known as Internet.org that makes an awful lot of sense for a company whose continued expansion depends on the continued expansion of the net. And though the general public may not realise it, Facebook has a long history with building new hardware that can advance its cause. The company declined to comment on the lab, but it confirms that the lab will be run by Yael Maguire, the former MIT Media Lab researcher who played a big role in the Open Compute Project, Facebook’s effort to build a more efficient breed of computer servers and data centres for driving its web and mobile services.

Hinted at in earlier press reports, Facebook’s flying-internet efforts mirror a similar project that’s underway at Google. Known as Project Loon, it seeks to provide internet access to the hinterlands through high-altitude balloons. Like Facebook, Google stands to benefit in big ways if the net expands. The original services built by these two web giants are now used by enormous swaths of the online population, and eventually, the companies must push into an entirely new audience. As public companies, they’re under enormous pressure to continue the growth of their businesses — in perpetuity. In addition to Loon, Google is looking to expand the reach of high-speed internet landlines through a service called Google Fiber.

According to a post on the website by Internet.org — a consortium that also includes such tech outfits as Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, and Qualcomm — the new Facebook lab is exploring the possibility of using solar-powered high-altitude planes to provide internet access in suburban areas. These could “stay aloft for months, be quickly deployed and deliver reliable internet connections,” the site says. Then, for more remote areas, the lab is looking towards low-orbiting satellites. In both cases, it aims to beam internet access to the people using what’s called free-space optical communication, or FSO. Basically, this is a way of transmitting data through infrared lasers.

Facebook’s announcement comes two days after the company acquired a startup called Oculus, saying it would use the startup’s gaming headset as a way of moving its social network into the world of virtual reality. Compared to that, the Connectivity Lab is a rather straightforward business move. On Tuesday, while discussing the Oculus buy, Zuckerberg painted both projects as platforms that represent not the near future of Facebook, but the distant future.

This is unbelievable. I thought my imagination assumed things were going to get pretty bad, but this has surpassed even that. It is hard to believe how big Facebook has gotten in such a short time. It is only a ten-year-old company.

Facebook to create floating internet of drones and satellites (Wired UK)

Watching America   :   » All Secrets of Sibel Edmonds, or: Who Manages World Terrorism?

The main accusation by Sibel Edmonds is simple: The Pentagon, CIA and State Department kept very intimate contact with al-Qaida terrorists, and are neck-deep in illegal arms and drug trafficking in Central Asia.

Translated By Axilleus Peleus

Some excerpts:

Everyone has heard of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks, and that the NSA spies on the whole world. Those people in the U.S. are called whistleblowers — people who direct the attention toward corruption in the government and destruction of democracy. But a very small number of people — at least here — know about Sibel Edmonds, former translator for the FBI whose book “Classified Woman — The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir” drew attention of several newspapers, like The Sunday Times. These well-known English newspapers tried to release some facts in 2008 that she wrote about, but the U.S. government, through its embassy in London, applied enormous pressure toward this newspaper not to publish information relevant to (of course) “American safety.”


She spoke openly about [the connections between the US government and Al-Qaida] in her 2013 interview with Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, a writer on geopolitics and expert on environment and energy. She pointed out that Osama bin Laden’s successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri, had numerous meetings with U.S. military and intelligence activists from 1997 to 2001 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, to discuss the goals of an operation called “Gladio B.” According to her statements, al-Zawahiri, bin Laden’s family members and other leading Mujahidin figures were transported by NATO airplanes throughout the “hot spots” in Central Asia and the Balkans with the goal of supporting the Pentagon’s destabilization acts. If, according to Edmonds, this is “Gladio B,” what is then “Gladio A”?


Edmonds didn’t discuss assumptions on what “Gladio B” is for, bur Dr. Nazif Ahmed was clear: The goal of this operation is influence over countries of the former USSR, seizure of strategic energy and mineral resources, prevention of Russian and Chinese influence in the region, and an increase in profit from the illegal trade in arms and drugs. Loretta Napoleoni, an expert on terrorist financing, points to the fact that the profits from these “fair transactions” in the United States and Europe is $1.5 trillion a year; that is a very important source of income for the stalled economy of the West. Sibel Edmonds pointed to the fact that shortly after the American occupation of Afghanistan, the production of opium was immediately renewed. In one of her interviews she said: “I know for a fact that NATO planes routinely shipped heroin to Belgium, where they then made their way into Europe and to the U.K. They also shipped heroin to distribution centers in Chicago and New Jersey.” The FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration found that many senior officials of the Pentagon, CIA and State Department were involved in this trade. Of course, nothing about that was published.


TL;DR: The CIA, Pentagon, and State Department has had ties to Al Qaeda since before 9/11 and participates in a trillion dollar illegal arms/drug trade to fund its covert programs  This article also briefly touches upon the rarely-mentioned CIA influence in fascist and nationalist regimes: “These death squads, intended for liquidation of the leftists as potential Soviet allies, were made of nationalists and fascists who offered their services to the Anglo-American winners after the war.” We can see these on the rise in Ukraine and in Golden Dawn in Greece.

Watching America   :   » All Secrets of Sibel Edmonds, or: Who Manages World Terrorism?

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