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The toxic legacy of Exxon Valdez: We are just beginning to understand the true cost of one of America’s worst ecological disasters: http://hcne.ws/NKbhCf
Photograph by Dave Janka.


Oil and Gas Giant Exxon Agrees to Its First Carbon Risk Disclosure

Shareholders of the nation’s largest oil and gas company are beginning to have concerns about the long-term environmental impact of the corporation’s operations.

As a result, Exxon has agreed to disclose carbon emissions estimates and details on how it plans on operating under the risk of potential climate regulations. Social responsibility investment firm Arjuna Capital filed the request through a partnership with shareholder responsibility advocacy group As You Sow. It marks the first time Exxon has ever agreed to such disclosure or received such a request.

Oil and Gas Giant Exxon Agrees to Its First Carbon Risk Disclosure

China deploys drones to spy on polluting industries

Some excerpts:

It was very difficult for the law enforcers to collect evidence of violations when they make inspection trips outside Beijing, because locals easily recognise them and polluting factories swiftly suspend production, leaving few traces,” said Yang. “The drones, on the contrary, can catch them off guard as few people notice their existence.

They are also considering spraying chemicals into the atmosphere:

Meanwhile, the environment ministry has also been testing the possibility of using drones to spray chemicals into the air to disperse smog during times of high air pollution.

More than 100 hours of test flights have been carried out using the unmanned aerial vehicle developed by AVIC Aerospace, a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corp of China. The chemicals it spays freezes pollutants in the air, preventing them from falling to the ground.

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China deploys drones to spy on polluting industries

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