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‘A Partner for Russia’: Europe’s Far Right Flirts with Moscow

‘A Partner for Russia’: Europe’s Far Right Flirts with Moscow

The cooperation between the European far right and Russia has been developing for some time. A report published by the Budapest-based Political Capital Institute in March, called “The Russian Connection: The Spread of Pro-Russian Policies on the European Far Right,” notes that Moscow has shown an interest in Eastern European right-wing parties for several years now. The paper notes that, while admiration for Russia is not universal in Europe’s ultra-conservative scene, there is a widespread “ideological and political affinity” between the far right and Russia.”

Finally, something that makes some sense out of all of the almost pro-Putin rhetoric I’ve been seeing from the likes of people like Alex Jones and other right-wing media, and especially some progressive conspiracy circles. This also explains why RT has peddled conspiracy in the past. It serves Russia to thwart the Eastern Establishment. I never really understood why a lot of the right-leaning media was almost taking the side of Putin, blaming the west for planting agents in the uprising, exposing the fraudulent activist video put out by the CFR, and generally advocating that Crimea had, in fact, voted to be part of Russia. The power politics are rather complicated, but I will say again that it makes sense when people on the right (i.e., those who are anti-UN, anti-NGO, anti-liberal establishment, etc.) have similar interests as Russia in undermining Western objectives.


Rand Paul builds 50-state network, courts mainstream support for presidential bid

It seems that the Ron Paul campaign was highly successful in amassing a powerful base for Paul the Younger, a feat that could not have possibly been accomplished without the Elder’s presidential bid. While many Ron Paulers would hate to admit it, as many of them hold out much hope for little Rand, he is making key moves that would have left these same libertarians railing against Obamney in the 2012 elections. Some examples of who Paul is courting can be found in this highly informative article. Some excerpts:


[Erika] Sather, a former development director at the Club for Growth, spent much of the winter introducing Paul to donors beyond the libertarians who helped Ron Paul raise more than $40 million for his 2012 presidential campaign. Stafford, a former adviser to several conservative groups, has mined the donor lists of the Campaign for Liberty, FreedomWorks and other advocacy organizations.

Cathy Bailey and Nate Morris, two prominent GOP fundraisers from Kentucky, also were instrumental in bringing the group together.

Morris, 33, previously a prolific GOP fundraiser who has raised money for George W. Bush, has served as Paul’s guide as the freshman senator has navigated steakhouse dinners and tony receptions with Republican power brokers.

Nurturing relationships with Bob Murray, a coal baron and former Romney bundler; former George Bush donor Jack Oliver, who is aligned with Jeb Bush; and Blakely Page, an associate of billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch, has been a priority.

Those big-name donors have not signed on with any potential Republican candidate, but Paul’s supporters think the formation of a leadership team could entice them, or at least signal Paul’s seriousness.

Is Paul the Younger on his way to making friends with the elites of the Eastern Establishment? Only time will tell. It is my prediction that Rand Paul is tragically becoming the right-wing version of Barack Obama. Instead of touting Hope and Change, we hear Liberty and Restoration for America.

I called it here first.

Rand Paul builds 50-state network, courts mainstream support for presidential bid

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEOF7wCIudA?wmode=transparent&autohide=1&egm=0&hd=1&iv_load_policy=3&modestbranding=1&rel=0&showinfo=0&showsearch=0&w=500&h=375%5D

Here, Thomas Massie joined families of 9/11 victims and Congressman Jones and Congressman Lynch at a press conference to promote the release of 28 classified pages from an official 9/11 report. He talks about how the pages are important to understanding how the tragedy occurred. Since the content is classified, they cannot discuss any of it, but they do state that releasing them would not harm U.S. national security:

As Massie remarks on his official YouTube channel, “American citizens deserve to know the facts.”

Though the contents in these 28 pages is a mystery, according to his statements, it appears that new information would alter the official 9/11 story as most people know it. Would that the information be revealed. It is high time to discuss pertinent issues long withheld from the public.

Korean spy charged with forging Chinese files attempts suicide

A South Korean intelligence officer, who was charged earlier this month with deliberately forging Chinese government documents, tried to kill himself at his home on Sunday, according to local media. The officer, identified in reports only by his last name, Kwon, was fingered last week by South Korean media as the source of a set of documents used in a court case against a man accused of spying for North Korea. Yoo Woo-sung, a prominent North Korean defector living in the South, was arrested last year on charges of espionage.

Government prosecutors accused Yoo of collecting information on at least 200 North Korean defectors living in the South while working for the Seoul city government. The prosecution produced a number of Chinese transit documents showing that Yoo had entered North Korea repeatedly from China, ostensibly in order to transport information to his handlers in Pyongyang. However, in a dramatic turn of events, the case against Yoo collapsed in August of 2013 amidst allegations that some of the documents presented to the court by the prosecutors had been forged. It now appears that the forged documents, which were travel records allegedly issued by the Chinese government, had been given to the prosecution by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS). Court documents surfaced last week identifying Kwon (named initially as ‘Kim’) as one of the sources of the forged documents. Kwon fervently denied the accusations, claiming that he too had been duped by a Chinese asset who gave him the forms. He also argued that that the asset was probably working for Chinese intelligence. On Sunday, however, Kwon apparently tried to kill himself at his home in a suburb of Seoul. The intelligence officer was reportedly found unconscious inside his car by first responders who rushed to the scene following a telephone call by a member of the public. One fire department official told South Korean media that several clues at the scene pointed to “an attempt at carbon monoxide poisoning”. Early on Monday, a spokesperson for the NIS confirmed that Kwon did try to end his life and is now recovering in hospital. The Wall Street Journal notes that Kwon’s suicide attempt is the second such case involving NIS this month. The paper says that another NIS officer was hospitalized earlier in March after he tried to kill himself. There is no proof, however, that the two suicide attempts are in any way linked.

Korean spy charged with forging Chinese files attempts suicide

Rift between US Congress and CIA biggest in 40 years, say observers

Rift between US Congress and CIA biggest in 40 years, say observers

An infographic depicting a number of influential individuals, their general political alignment, and the number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to which they belong.

This is unique because it attempts to distinguish among various factions within the power-elite. Usually, those within conspiracy circles do not distinguish among groups (e.g., they collectively attribute every plot to either Bilderberg, OR the Vatican, OR the Masons, Zionists, etc.), and they tend to gloss over differences within these power structures. The world is more complicated than black and white, and this graphic provides a useful perspective regarding the politics of those who wield power.


El Chapo, Most-Wanted Drug Lord, Is Captured in Mexico


By Randal C. Archibold and Ginger Thompson, NY Times, Feb. 22, 2014

MEXICO CITY—Just before 7 a.m. on Saturday, dozens of soldiers and police officers descended on a condominium tower in Mazatlán, Mexico, a beach resort known as much as a hangout for drug traffickers as for its seafood and surf.

Probably the result of a turf war.


El Chapo, Most-Wanted Drug Lord, Is Captured in Mexico

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