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Bilderberg 2014 – Participant List

Bilderberg 2014 – Participant List

62nd Bilderberg conference to take place from 29 May – 1 June 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen, 26 May 2014
– The 62nd Bilderberg meeting is set to take place from 29 May until 1 June 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. A total of around 140 participants from 22 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media have been invited. The list of participants is available on http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org

The key topics for discussion this year include:

  • Is the economic recovery sustainable?
  • Who will pay for the demographics?
  • Does privacy exist?
  • How special is the relationship in intelligence sharing?
  • Big shifts in technology and jobs
  • The future of democracy and the middle class trap
  • China’s political and economic outlook
  • The new architecture of the Middle East
  • Ukraine
  • What next for Europe?
  • Current events

Founded in 1954, Bilderberg is an annual conference designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. Every year, between 120-150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and the media are invited to take part in the conference. About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; approximately one third from politics and government and the rest from other fields. 

The conference is a forum for informal discussions about major issues facing the world. The meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed.

Thanks to the private nature of the conference, the participants are not bound by the conventions of their office or by pre-agreed positions. As such, they can take time to listen, reflect and gather insights.

There is no desired outcome, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.

Of particular note to me is this alarming statement questioning the very existence of privacy.

Among some notable participants: Huang, Yiping, Professor at Peking University (indicating the evolution of Chinese involvement within liberal elite power blocs), David Petraeus (noteworthy in light of his role in the Benghazi scandal), Kasim Reed (Mayor of Atlanta), Eugene Rumer (Senior Associate and Director, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), Eric E.Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Google Inc.), Thiel, Peter A. (a notable returnee who gained some notoriety among libertarians for donating $2 million to the Ron Paul campaign), among others. 

This will be the second year without Jim Tucker, who died about a month or so prior to the last Bilderberg meeting in 2013. Perhaps Daniel Estulin will have some luck disseminating some details.


‘A Partner for Russia’: Europe’s Far Right Flirts with Moscow

‘A Partner for Russia’: Europe’s Far Right Flirts with Moscow

The cooperation between the European far right and Russia has been developing for some time. A report published by the Budapest-based Political Capital Institute in March, called “The Russian Connection: The Spread of Pro-Russian Policies on the European Far Right,” notes that Moscow has shown an interest in Eastern European right-wing parties for several years now. The paper notes that, while admiration for Russia is not universal in Europe’s ultra-conservative scene, there is a widespread “ideological and political affinity” between the far right and Russia.”

Finally, something that makes some sense out of all of the almost pro-Putin rhetoric I’ve been seeing from the likes of people like Alex Jones and other right-wing media, and especially some progressive conspiracy circles. This also explains why RT has peddled conspiracy in the past. It serves Russia to thwart the Eastern Establishment. I never really understood why a lot of the right-leaning media was almost taking the side of Putin, blaming the west for planting agents in the uprising, exposing the fraudulent activist video put out by the CFR, and generally advocating that Crimea had, in fact, voted to be part of Russia. The power politics are rather complicated, but I will say again that it makes sense when people on the right (i.e., those who are anti-UN, anti-NGO, anti-liberal establishment, etc.) have similar interests as Russia in undermining Western objectives.

We’re Living in the Era of “Economic Elite Domination”

This article discusses a fascinating paper by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page and some varying theories about the nature of voting, public policy, and who writes the law. I have heard it argued that the law is motivated by public opinion (many libertarians tend to argue this when it comes to things like the Civil Rights Act), but this conflicts with other notions about the nature of power and the state’s tendency to favor rule by the few. 

We’re Living in the Era of “Economic Elite Domination”

Bilderberg Meetings | The official website

Bilderberg has publicly announced where it will be holding its annual meetings: As the link above states, “The 62nd Bilderberg meeting will take place at the end of May 2014 in Denmark.”

I do not recall Bilderberg being so open about its meeting times in the past, though I could be wrong about this method. Many have thought that increased public pressure about the secrecy of the Group has led it to start its own website with an official attendees list, as you will see if you click on the links above. Usually, it is up to those “in the know”  with special contacts who discover when the meetings will be. What an interesting coincidence that these people should publish their official location so openly the year after we lose Jim Tucker.

Bilderberg Meetings | The official website

Winds of change: Italians losing centuries-old grip on Vatican


By Jean-Louis de la Vaissiere, AFP, March 26, 2014

Vatican City (AFP)—A quiet revolution is afoot in the Vatican.

With many of Pope Francis’s new appointments, control over the powerful city state is slipping, slowly but surely, from the centuries-old grip of the Italian hierarchy.

Popes may come and go—and three in a row now have been non-Italian—but the inner workings of the opaque Vatican bureaucracy, the Curia, have traditionally been the province of Italian apparatchiks.

Like Francis, his predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI found themselves in the midst of back-stabbing and turf wars in the Catholic Church’s corridors of power, but they had little appetite for disturbing the hornet’s nest.

The world’s first Latin American pontiff however has had no such qualms, readily appointing fresh faces from diverse countries—including lay people and women—much to the chagrin of the old guard.

Putting himself on what one commentator dubbed a “collision course with the Curia”, the Argentine has set up several international committees. The latest, created to root out paedophilia in the Catholic Church, includes only one Italian out of eight.

The same is true of a body that he set up in April last year, just one month into his papacy, to advise him on reforming the Curia—his council of cardinals, nicknamed the G8.

Foreign cardinals have been awarded prestigious posts, from the Australian George Pell—head of the new economy ministry—to Germany’s Reinhard Marx, who leads up a council tasked with overseeing the Vatican’s economic management.

Marx is assisted by Britain’s Brian Ferme and Alfred Xuereb of Malta—who doubles as the pope’s very influential private secretary.

“By entrusting delicate government tasks to hierarchies that are made up mainly of non-Italians who are not resident in Rome, the pope is putting himself on a collision course with the Curia’s traditional power,” editorialist Ernesto Galli Della Loggia wrote in Italy’s leading daily Corriere della Sera.

Galli Della Loggia described what Francis is up against: “A certain shrewdness, an ability to mediate (and) impalpable but enduring influences” but also “ferocious ambition, corruption and careerism and, sometimes, secret wantonness”.

Lay people and women—traditionally underrepresented in the leadership of the 1.2 billion-member Church—figure increasingly in new committees.

A body tasked with carrying out a detailed inquiry into the Vatican’s administration is made up of seven lay people, including a woman.

All this does not mean the pope is giving the Italians the cold shoulder: he has given at least two key posts—the secretary general of the bishops’ assembly and the prefect of the congregation for the clergy—to trusted Italian prelates.

But those who longed for the 77-year-old to decentralise and diversify power at the highest levels of the Holy See hope Francis will continue as he has begun, ignoring the gnashing of teeth from the ousted old guard.

Moonies, Messiahs and Media: Who Really Owns Newsweek?

On Saturday, news broke that IBT Media, a company that runs the online business (at least, in theory) newspaper International Business Times, had purchasedNewsweek from IAC. So IBT Media now owns Newsweek. But exactly who controls IBT Media?

IBT Media’s corporate leadership site lists two cofounders: Etienne Uzac, the company’s CEO, and Johnathan Davis, its chief content officer.

But some say that the company is actually controlled by—or at least has very close undisclosed ties to—someone whose name appears nowhere on the site: David Jang, a controversial Korean Christian preacher who has been accused of calling himself “Second Coming Christ.”

story in The Tennessean about Olivet University, a university founded by Mr. Jang, lists IBT as one of Mr. Jang’s businesses. A deeply reported investigation into Mr. Jang’s church by the magazine Christianity Today also lists IBT as among Mr. Jang’s enterprises. (That investigation, incidentally, was named one of the “Best Long Reads of 2012″ by The Daily Beast, which had partnered with Newsweek.)

IBT’s two cofounders seem to have ties to Mr. Jang as well.

Before founding IBT, Mr. Davis was the journalism director at Mr. Jang’s Olivet University. Christianity Today reports that Mr. Davis, IBT’s ostensible cofounder and chief content officer, was invited but declined to take part in a meeting with leaders of Mr. Jang’s other businesses. Mr. Davis reportedly wrote an email stating that he could not take part in the meeting because, “My commission is inherently covert.”

Mr. Uzac, IBT’s other cofounder, is married to Marion Uzac, the former PR director of the World Evangelical Alliance, a Christian group that has become closely associated with Mr. Jang. Ms. Uzac now works as IBT’s finance director. A former IBT staffer told The Observer that the relationship between her and Mr. Uzac was not disclosed to IBT Media employees and the company went to some lengths to hide it. According to the former staffer, the nameplate on Ms. Uzac’s door read “Marion Kim,” rather than “Marion Uzac.”

Mr. Jang has sought to keep Mr. Davis’s (alleged) commission covert. After the Christianity Today articles were published, The Christian Post—a newspaper (allegedly) controlled by Mr. Jang—attacked the magazine and smeared one of its reporters, spuriously linking him to child pornography.

Mr. Jang’s friends also appear to have silenced a reporter who looked into the connection between the church and IBT. Ann Brocklehurst—now an editor at the Toronto Star, but then an independent journalist—investigated IBT’s funding and eventually discovered its close connections to Olivet University. She wrote a series of posts suggesting that Mr. Jang was funding IBT, then abruptly deleted every post referencing IBT, presumably after being pressured. (Fortunately, one post was copied before being deleted.)

After the Newsweek sale was announced, Mr. Uzac and Mr. Davis told Buzzfeed that Mr. Jang had no involvement in IBT and that the two of them alone owned IBT Media. Mr. Uzac did admit, though, that he has met with Mr. Jang on multiple occasions. Mr. Davis acknowledged that IBTrecruits heavily from Olivet, but claimed that Olivet’s relationship to IBT Media was no different from the relationship between Stanford and Silicon Valley tech companies.

But if Mr. Jang does control IBT, The Christian Post, and now Newsweek, he seems to be following in the footsteps of another wealthy heterodox Christian leader: the late Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Mr. Moon’s Unification Church (whose followers are known, pejoratively, as “Moonies”) owns The Washington Times and United Press International.

Mr. Jang, by the way, reportedly once taught in a Unification Church seminary.

Update: Shortly after this article was published, Christianity Today posted a new blog post suggesting an even closer connection between IBT Media and Mr. Jang’s network. The magazine reported that Mr. Davis, the IBT cofounder with the covert commission, is married to Tracy McBeal Davis, the president of Olivet University. It also reported that Mr. Uzac, IBT’s other cofounder, was once listed as the treasurer of Olivet University.

The Moonies are somewhat of an interesting cult that has historically possessed very powerful connections. Its founder, Sun Myung Moon, had deep ties to the CIA and fascist sympathizers within the US government during the 1960s and beyond. It is unfortunate that the original Christianity Today documenting these connections is only available through paid subscription to the website.

Moonies, Messiahs and Media: Who Really Owns Newsweek?

An infographic depicting a number of influential individuals, their general political alignment, and the number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to which they belong.

This is unique because it attempts to distinguish among various factions within the power-elite. Usually, those within conspiracy circles do not distinguish among groups (e.g., they collectively attribute every plot to either Bilderberg, OR the Vatican, OR the Masons, Zionists, etc.), and they tend to gloss over differences within these power structures. The world is more complicated than black and white, and this graphic provides a useful perspective regarding the politics of those who wield power.


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